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Dell Inspiron 7537 no longer charging- motherboard failure

I will try again with posting this. I dont see anything against terms or rules in my post. I would like some advice and opinions on this issue and if my grievance is reasonable?

I purchased this laptop in early December 2014. I would like to add that this laptop cost me close to £1000 when purchased. Purchase was direct from Dell.

2 days ago, the laptop developed a fault where it would not longer accept any charge from the charger.

No notifications or messages on the laptop informing me of any faults with battery or charger.

I use this laptop for work and i am self employed- this is a very important tool for me and my business will come to a halt without it.

I contacted customer support and through diagnosis they inform me that the motherboard needs replacing. The charger when plugged in, has the green light come on but when plugged into the laptop the green light on the charger flickers and turns off. I am told the motherboard is sending a current back and causing the fault, preventing the laptop from charging.

Dell are asking me for £600-700 which is nearly the cost of the laptop new. An engineer will come out and replace the board.

This is completely and wholly unacceptable. The laptop is just over 2 years this month- It is a £1000 machine and was a high spec, premium multimedia laptop from the 7000 series which is supposed to built and made to a high level.

This is not an entry level budget laptop. I would expect a battery or charger to fail after this period but a major component such as a motherboard to fail is completely unacceptable.

I am in the UK and the Consumer Rights Act dictates that the item is fit for purpose- this includes life expectancy, and finish taking into account the price paid and the type and age of the laptop. For example, a cheap second-hand Netbook might be expected to have a shorter life expectancy than a brand new £1500 Apple MacBook.

A £1000 premium laptop should last a minimum of 3 years without major components failing. This is general consensus for high end tech/equipment. It is not reasonable to fail at 2 years and the most important/expensive part on the laptop at that. .

I am now without a working laptop which i rely on for work. I cannot get through to any customer service team or escalation team in the UK or abroad (where all calls are going) who can deal with this and i am furious about receiving this sort of service from a large company like Dell.

My rights are not being respected. Dell is defaulting on the Consumer rights act and i will have no choice to take this matter further legally unless i get some for of assistance and a reasonable resolution. In the UK we have some good protection in regards to this (legally) but i dont wish to pursue this path and would rather Dell provide some reasonable assistance and acknowledge the issue. 

Very simply, this part should not have failed in the short time frame it has failed in. There is clearly an underlying manufacturing or assembly issue.

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