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RE: Dell Inspiron 7537 no longer charging- motherboard failure

If its the DC jack,i dont mind buying and replacing. Small parts do and can go. I am not an unreasonable person. A part which costs just as much as the laptop when it was new is not acceptable for a non-budget laptop in under 2 years of use. They say its the motherboard, i should not be replacing this part in this period of time.

This is a major part that has failed in a short period of time. I was hoping for some further assistance from Dell on here or some contact information from them of who i can contact to escalate the matter.

Ultimately i am 100% i will have Dell pay for it all if i go via small claims court but i dont want to waste time and cause unnecessary hassle for either of us.

I would be happier if they were willing to accept that the most fundamental part of the laptop has failed in an unreasonable time frame.

Thanks for your reply and hope you had a happy Christmas. Also have a great New Year.

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