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RE: Dell Inspiron 7537 no longer charging- motherboard failure

Another motherboard replacement story. I also face similar issue where my laptop motherboard got replaced twice ( four hardware failure incident within 4 years ). I believe the motherboard hardware Dell uses is profanity and not reliable.

I heard that they replace the existing one with refurbished motherboard when our laptop is within warranty time.

Which is Dell policy =
Dell will use reconditioned parts for all customers once outside the first 30 days from the original Dell invoice date.

Regarding the design, It has to be a quality one and really it has to be modular. For small parts we shouldn't be replacing whole motherboard. I think the quality these guys offers is not what they promise and not up to the par. Our money is not valued. They want to expire soon the laptops they make thus making us to purchase a new one every few years.

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