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RE: Speakers popping on Inspiron 15 7567

There is no popping during the music. I have clean installed the origin windows 10 and installed nothing relate to audio software but realtek driver.

There is also no popping  whatever the Maxx is open or close.

Why I think it is related to driver is "The popping never happens before driver installed, and I have tested it on Ubuntu 16", there is no popping as well. The popping only happens after driver installed.

Also, some solutions to popping before and after audio is to modify the regedit to disable power management. This version of driver "Realtek Audio" (Not Realtek High Definition Audio) has no key related to power management in regedit. So there is no option to disable power management. Finally, in order to let the card chip working from sleep. I keep it playing a muted sound and find the temperary solution above.