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RE: System recovery options

Okay so go to Control Panel and then to "System and Security" and then to administrative tools. Then select computer management and then finally can you select Disk Management. Can you the open the snipping tool and provide us a screenshot? This way we can see if the system was setup with a Recovery Partition.

Next can you try this link with your service tag to see if the .iso is available to download from Dell: 

I think this is only available for Skylake (6th generation Intel systems) whereas this is a Broadwell (5th generation Intel system) but its worth a try.

One other thing to note is that you can download a Windows 10 .iso from Microsoft and clean install Windows 10 RS1. This system likely has a Windows 8.1 Pro UEFI BIOS SLP key and was sold using downgrade rights to Windows 7 Pro: 

You should apply UEFI BIOS update A10 (especially before clean installing Windows 10): 

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