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Dell D1000 Docking Station

Hello All,

I work in a school district and we have a number of Dell Latitude 3350 laptops along with a Dell D1000 USB3.0 Dual-Video Docking Station. One of the docking stations has recently started having a strange issue with the USB ports seem to stop working. The video and LAN ports seem perfectly fine and continue to work. But the teacher will lose connectivity to their mouse, keyboard, and document camera.

I can disconnect and reconnect the USB cable to the laptop, but not even 15 minutes later the same issue comes back. I've reinstalled the drivers, and even replaced the entire unit (and it's USB cable) with a brand new one out of the box and the same issue still comes up.

Could this still be a software/driver issue? Or am I potentially looking at a bad USB port on the laptop?

Many thanks for any and all help. Have a great day!

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