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Dell Latitude e6440 Displayport flicker e-Port replicator

I have a Dell Latitude e6440 (Intel+AMD video) with the newest BIOS A18 and the newest video drivers.  It is connected to an ePort Replicator 0PKDGR.   I have a Displayport cable connected between the ePort and an ACER 43" 4k UltraHD monitor at 3840x2160.

When I resume the Laptop from sleep/standby/hibernate, the screen flashes bars and sometimes completely turns off for a few seconds.

If I reboot, then everything is fine.

I've tried:

  • Making sure the bios and drivers are all up to date.
  • I had an unrelated issue about 2 months ago, and my motherboard and cooling fan were replaced.  So I'm assuming the motherboard is newer/better if there was ever a fix for this issue, but not entirely sure.   Since the Intel/AMD graphics are on the motherboard.  They were replaced.  The issues remained before and after.  
  • Tried turning off hibernate.  Using only regular standby.  Issue persists.
  • Tried turning off standby and only using Hibernate.  Same issue
  • It seems to happen more when the system is being used more.  Cooling fan runs more often.
  • Tried a different Displayport cable
  • Tried a different displayport connection on the EPort, DP1 vs DP2

Might be a coincidence, but I was just trying something and switched my monitor from Displayport 1.2 to 1.1.  The resolution of the display went down to 2k.   Then I switch back to DP 1.2 and the issue seems to have gone away.   I'm going to try this next time it happens.

So...I've seen threads on this.. I believe I tried everything on the other threads.  Is it worth calling in?   Would they replace the Motherboard differently for a display issue vs a cooling issue?

Is it possible that there is an issue with the eDock?

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