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RE: Inspiron 11-3168 BIOS bug?

Yes of course I can and know how to change from UEFI to LEGACY, I think you misunderstood what my problem is, after re-reading my OG post I see it's a little confusing so let me try to explain again...

After changing from UEFI to LEGACY in BIOS then F12 to boot menu and attempting to boot "USB DEVICE" it flashes screen few times then says "No Operating System Found" so it does NOT work when it clearly use to just fine.

Now if I go back into BIOS and DISABLE "USB Emuration" save changes reboot, Immediately F2 to go into BIOS again and ENABLE "USB Emulation" save, reboot then F12 to enter boot menu and attempt to boot from "USB DEVICE" it works and boots up my Linux Live screen...

So this is clearly a BIOS BUG thankfully I have figured out how to bypass it with the disable/enable usb emulation workaround but the thing is my laptop use to not have this problem and trying to downgrade my BIOS did nothing, so I REALLY hope DELL technicians can fix this and release an updated BIOS..  

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