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First off, as a general rule, using Caps Lock will not get more people to pay attention to you; it usually has the opposite effect, in fact.

In terms of your issue, the Background Intelligent Transfer service is supposed to have its Startup Type set to Manual. I've checked several Win10 PCs that all have Windows Update working properly and they're all set that way.  Even the Windows Update service itself is set to Manual.

So, are you seeing any particular error message or error code in the Windows Update interface?  If so, can you post that?  If not, then sometimes purging the Windows Update download cache can get things working again.  To do that:

- Ensure the Windows Update service and Background Intelligent Transfer service are stopped (don't set them to Disabled, just make sure they're not running).

- Go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution.

- Delete everything in that SoftwareDistribution folder.

- Start the Windows Update service again.  You can leave the BITS service stopped since it will start on-demand.

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