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RE: Dell XPS 13 9360 - BIOS v. 2.4.2 breaks UEFI Network Stack Ability

The model we use is the 7th gen i5 version.

And we are talking about the same thing regarding the thunderbolt option, there is a thunderbolt enabled, and also thunderbolt boot option.  They are both enabled (all I had done on these PC's is upgrade the BIOS from one version to another, I hadn't changed any settings from when it was functional).

Thanks for that link, I'll see if I can somehow roll one back/reset it.

The BIOS is pretty new (only 9 days old) so I'm guessing that's why not many people have experienced this yet.  I'll let them do their hardware swaps and make sure I don't upgrade the BIOS again on these haha.

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