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RE: Dell Inspiron 7567 using built-in microphone instead of headset microphone

That is an analog headset that plugs into the laptop's combo audio jack with a 3.5 mm TRRS (4 segment) plug, correct?

Yes, that is correct.

Hello Victor. Please say what you have tried as we don't know what you saw on the web, and state the operating system of the laptop.

I've tried checking my recording devices to make sure I didn't have a different one as default, making sure my headset mic wasn't muted and checking the product manual for any special drivers I could possibly need to install manually from the Razer Website. The laptop is running Windows 10.

I should also state that I am using third-party software to manage my audio inputs and outputs (Voicemeeter), even though it doesn't seem to be the problem, at first glance. I will try the procedures you suggested and keep you in the loop with the results.

Many thanks,

    Victor Hofstetter

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