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Inspiron 7000 Gaming (7567) - Problem adding 2nd hard drive

Hello - 

I have an Inspiron 7567.  Been reading the forums to educate myself of any quirks or design considerations for this laptop as it's a bit different than the SATA-only laptops I've worked with in the past.

This particular model has a Toshiba m.2 512GB NVMe (PCIe-x4) SSD.  
Bios is configured for AHCI mode, not RAID.
Running Windows 10 1703
NVMe driver is presently Toshiba's RD400 driver v1.2.126.843.
AHCI driver is presently Intel's iaStorA (AHCI) driver v15.2.0.1020. 

That said, there's an empty standard 2.5" SATA slot in the laptop I want to take advantage of since m.2 + HDD was not a configuration option at purchase.  Which is fine, I have several spare HDDs to choose from. 


  • If I install a SSD in the SATA slot, the drive is not recognized, intel's utility shows "Internal Empty Port 1"
  • If I install a HDD in the SATA slow, the drive is recognized properly and is useable


  • Tried an Intel SSD Pro 2500 (360GB) from a Dell Precision T1700, not detected in BIOS or Windows
  • Tried a Crucial M500 SSD (250GB) from a retail box, not detected in BIOS or Windows
  • Tried a Seagate Momentus 7200.4 (500GB) from a retail box, detected and working properly
  • Updated Intel iaStorA drivers from A06 to A07, no change in behavior, SSDs are not recognized
  • Updated BIOS from 1.0.6 to 1.1.0, same results, SSDs are not recognized

Can anyone shine light on why this might be the case?  I've never seen a SATA controller in SATA mode not accept literally any drive it has been interfaced with.  I don't understand why the underlying type of drive would impact what was sitting behind the physical communications interface.  


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