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RE: Inspiron 7000 Gaming (7567) - Problem adding 2nd hard drive

Thanks for the good questions.  Here's what I've put together.  First, acknowledging a mistake. If we go back to the above picture, the "Primary Hard Drive" attribute is the Intel SATA SSD's serial number "CVTS535500D1360KGN."  When I removed it, the PHD attribute said (none).  When I connected the Crucial the PHD attribute changed to "13280944E1E9."  In all cases BIOS is seeing the drive.

This appears to be an honest mistake on my part; I misread what was on the screen, interpreting the "Primary Hard Drive" as the serial number of the NVMe disk, when it's reporting the serial number of the attached SATA drive instead.  It is confusing.  I would have thought the attribute would report the SATA drive model number instead.  The PCIe attribute is also the serial number of the NVMe drive.  

If I could be so bold as to suggest correcting that in a future BIOS update to make it more clear and report both attributes, the model & serial, per connector.

At Brad-L's suggestion I put the Intel controller back in "RAID On" mode.  Prior to this, I had made the steps to install the correct RAID & AHCI drivers, knowing this was a likely path of troubleshooting.

After switching back to RAID On, Windows booted normally, the NVMe disk name changed, and the Toshiba storage controller driver was replaced with the Intel Raid Controller.  Note the empty SATA Connector on the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Manager. 

Interestingly, for about ~60 seconds, the Intel SATA SSD appeared in the device manager.  I attempted to take a picture, but I was too slow to take a photo, it disappeared.  I went to the event viewer and the it reported failure to communicate with device and errored out, the disk was dropped by Windows.  

So to eliminate whether or not it's just my Windows installation or something else - I made a bootable Windows 10 1703 USB installer.  I disabled Secure Boot so I could boot from the USB stick.  Taking JPHUGHAN's advice, I removed the NVMe drive, left Intel SATA mode is RAID On, leaving only the Intel SSD is installed.  When I get to the drive selection list, it's empty, so I chose the "Load Driver" option, loaded the boot driver for the Intel Controller, it detected correctly, however the SSD drive is not detected.  Reboot, start over again with the Crucial drive, same result. I didn't photo the Crucial results for brevity.

For completeness' sake, I swap the SSD for the HDD and attempt to install Win10 again with the same process EXCEPT I do NOT load the Intel RAID driver and I get this:

As this test reveals, I didn't need to install the Intel RAID in the first place, but I did so anyway since no drives were listed - and I had no way to know whether or not the driver was loaded simply by looking at an empty device selection list. I'm going to test installation of Windows to the HDD to eliminate the disappearing act the SSDs have. 

SO - Windows can't see (use?) SSD drives in the SATA slot during installation or during normal Windows operation.

I'll post this message as it's long already and follow up with what happens when I go back to AHCI mode.

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