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RE: Inspiron 7000 Gaming (7567) - Problem adding 2nd hard drive

One thing to remember, do not change the controller on a bootable drive without going through the special procedure using msconfig.exe to set the system to boot into Safe Mode after your change the setting in the Bios.

You seem to have gone down a Rabbit hole and hard for me to follow where you are.  Do you currently have a system booting to the PCIe NVMe drive in Secure Boot mode?  The external drive should not even be attached during this process.

Changing from RAID to AHCI changes the controller for both drives but the big difference is it allows the M.2 slot to function as PCIe.  The system, in order to boot a PCIe drive, has to use the UEFI boot configuration.

I would ask, you try to get the system back to a normal state.  If the SSD is capable of running it will be seen normally.  If it is not, you may not be able to get it installed but it should be seen when connected to the SATA cable in either RAID or AHCI since they are both SATA controllers.  


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