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RE: Inspiron 7000 Gaming (7567) - Problem adding 2nd hard drive

Brad or anybody else at Dell

I have a fairly similar issue (as do 2 other users who posted at the bottom of this forum with no reply to date...) I just purchased a new Dell 15 7567 with a Sandisk M2 256gb drive.  I tried adding a 2nd drive and have tried two options:

1. WD Blue SSD 250gb...result bios and windows does NOT see it

2. HGST 1TB HDD ...result same bios and windows does NOT see it.

This issue is getting very frustrating as I have updated all windows updates.  I do try your Dell SupportAssist and it finds a SATA driver that needs updating (, A01) however every time I update, it seems too quick to install and asks for a reboot.  Upon reboot, it still shows up as available update aka needs to be installed again.  

Please help with this issue.  On the verge of returning this, as on first startup I noticed horrendous wifi speeds with the included intel 3165 adapter.  I already had to purchase a new m2 wifi card intel 8265 as before the 3165 was limiting me to 10mbps on my AC backbone with gigabit internet.  now I get 400+mbps with the 8265.  

Thanks in advance

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