RE: Dell Inspiron 5567 fan always on ?

Two identical systems with the same fan speed parameters, sounds normal to me.

You should install BIOS updates in order, rebooting when done and testing before installing another one.

Laptop Instructions =
- Disconnect all external peripherals from the laptop (mouse, keyboard, hard drive)
- The AC adapter must be connected
- Close all unnecessary applications
- Download the BIOS to the windows desktop
- Run the BIOS
- You must allow the BIOS itself to restart the computer. Do NOT force a restart manually. This could break the motherboard

- Added PCIE LTR to improve 3DMark performance
- Add BYD battery support
- Updated Computrace BIOS persistence module
- Enhanced the system stability

- Updated chipset SPI flash configuration

- Fixed IMVP8 VR issue

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