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external U2715H blanking after new video driver installed HDMI

I have a Latitude E7470 and have connected a U2715H display to it. I am using HDMI cable as connection.

Recently I upgraded the video driver to latest from Dell site. And I noticed that the Dell U2715H display started blanking out and going in and out of power save.

I reverted to the older driver which never gave any of this trouble. I then disconnected the U2715 and tried the upgrade again, then a reboot. And then it works. But only for a while.

Typically twice a day the blanking and flashing power save starts. I have to disconnect the display. Power it off for a few minutes and power on and reconnect.

This is getting annoying.

I looked this up on Dell site and only symptom was with DP which I am not using. I am using HDMI.

I'm not sure if this is a laptop driver issue or a display firmware issue.

Anyone else had this strange behaviour on HDMI.

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