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RE: USB Keyboard Hangs/Quits working on XPS15 9550 and Thunderbolt Dock TB16 . W10Pro x64

Ok, in that case I'm not aware of any other widely reported issues or fixes.  It's certainly possible that there's an interoperability issue between your keyboard and the USB hub controller on the dock.  Those incompatibilities do occur every now and then with certain device combinations, which is why one of the first recommended troubleshooting measures for USB connectivity issues is to connect directly to the PC rather than going through one or more hubs.  My only remaining suggestion (and this is admittedly a long shot) would be to try using a USB 3.0 port on the TB16 if possible, simply because I know the USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 connector has a dedicated USB 2.0 channel completely separate from any other traffic, so I'm wondering if using a 3.0 port might route the keyboard through a different controller that might not introduce the problems you're experiencing.  The reason I think it's a long shot is because if the TB16's USB 2.0 ports DO use this dedicated channel to go straight to the host, then I would expect the keyboard to work now given that it apparently works when directly connected to the PC, but if you haven't already tried a 3.0 port, it can't hurt.

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