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RE: Touch Screen Dell inspiron serie 7000 7559

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it's impossible because my pc was formatted many times. One time was formatted using a usb-key sended by dell with a original windows 10 without upgrade. According to them it's the solution, but with a clean installation problem persists. I tried to install a lot of drivers and more solution.

(However, I believe that even if you could solve by setting up an old driver and keeping the operating system not updated is not the right solution. I do not see why it must maintain an obsolete system to maintain a service that should work regardless)

Tra l'altro con la versione HOME di windows gli aggiornamenti si possono solo rallentare e non diabilitare quindi il problema si ripresenterebbe.

Among other things with the windows version of Windows updates can only slow down and do not diabilitate so the problem would recur.

Is there anyone who managed to find a working driver? Dell told me to re-install the chipset drivers but those available on the site do not work.

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