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Vostro 3450 Win7 64 bit Pro Missing Drivers (support assist no help)


I have the above laptop and I just reinstalled OS with the OEM disc problem is hat I do not have the driver disc. I have been into my Dell and use the support assist to pick the drivers for my laptop. Problem is that it still shows a lot of drivers and many are not for my machine.

I did call Dell figuring that is I had to I would pay for the support and I was told that my laptop was considered "end of life" and they offered no support free of pad. But they did send me a link on how to use supportt assist to find the drivers whish is useless.

If I go into my device manager and click on the ones I need and open up the hardware info and number could someone direct myself to the correct drivers?

Needed are:

sm bus controller id pciven_8086&dev_1c2&subsys_04c51028&rev_05

unknown device acpi\smc8800

quanticom atheros bluetooth bus  root\btath_bus


Inspiron 15R-5520

Win 7 64 Bit

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