Bios Time is Frozen; Bios time is STUCK!

Hello all!

I'm new here! I have a strange problem!

As I go to the bios menu using F2 key on my laptop (n5110), I see that the time is stuck on aa.aa.aa and doesn't change. it doesn't matter if I shut down and restart the laptop; the time is stuck on aa.aa.aa.

Whenever I login to the windows (win 7 ultimate 64bit), it starts with aa.aa.aa and the time goes on automatically in windows till I shut down the laptop. Then again when I start my laptop, both bios and windows time are aa.aa.aa.

When I update the time in windows by internet or change the time manually in windows time, both windows and bios time are updated to in such a situation, then again the time on windows will be OK till I restart the laptop. while restarting, I see that bios time is set to and the windows again starts with .

As the bios version is the latest one and I cant re-flash the bios firmware, I'm really confused what can I do to solve this problem. I cant find any useful answer in forums on the net.

I should clarify that:

- I think that changing the bios battery couldn't work!

- The laptop is almost always plugged-in.

Do you have any Idea?


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