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Service Tag Not Recognized/Found

When I enter my Alienware 15 R2 Service Tag # into "Find Parts by Service Tag", I get "No compatible products found for the requested service tag".

1. My warranty expired in May 2017, but that should be irrelevant to my Service Tag as it's embedded to the laptop...  or is Dell playing "Gotcha, you did not extend your warranty!"

2. I'm using the Dell parts-page as a reference and potential purchase option...  Meaning, if I find a better spec'd part (i.e looking at M.2 SSD and RAM upgrades) with a better price elsewhere, I'm gonna buy it elsewhere, not from Dell.

There is no clear-cut Customer Support agency/option to e-mail this issue/problem to, in order to get it resolved...  Or, is it tied to what I'm saying in #1?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!


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