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RE: Dell XPS 13 9360 Original hard disk image

I have only done one of the OEM images, which I believe did not install the OEM utilities.  I do not remember what happened to the actual partitions on the drive.

If the system came with Win 10, it was probably set up to use a Win 10 image created on the fly from your current install.  It used the recovery partition to hold the OEM additions but needed a recovery tools partition which could combine these to get a full factory install.

So I can't comment on what you system may have been capable of doing, depending on its condition when you attempted the Recovery.  

If your system is bootable, could you attach a picture of your Disk Management window showing all the partitions?  Maybe we could see something which would help.  Use the rich formatting reply to attach screen shots.  I like to limit the size to 250 or 300 ..


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