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RE: no audio output device installed dell Inspiron 5559

No audio output device installed

Hello. Are you saying that you are getting an error message that says "No audio output device installed?"

Run the Quick Audio check in the ePSA diagnostic. If the test fails then you should contact tech support to have the laptop repaired.

> Re-start the computer and tap the F12 key as soon as it starts to boot up. If the computer boots to Windows re-start the computer and try again.

> Select 'Diagnostics' from the boot menu, then press the Enter key. Either the ePSA or the PSA tests will open -- it depends on the model of your laptop.

> Look for a "Perform Quick Audio Check" button on the bottom right side of the ePSA main menu screen (see screen shot below). Press the button and listen for the beep tones from the speakers.

> If you do not have the "Perform Quick Audio Check" button then do this. Start the PSA tests and when it performs the color test it will ask you if you see the color bars on the screen. Deliberately fail the test by answering no (press the "n" key) instead of yes. When you do that the PSA test will emit a series of beeps. Listen for the beeps.

> If you don't hear the beep tones that means that the speakers have become disconnected or have failed.

Here is a screen shot of the ePSA Quick Audio test:

If you have the older PSA test you will not have the "Perform Quick Audio Check."

If you do hear the tones but you still see the error message even after reinstalling the Realtek audio driver, there could be failure that went undetected by the test. Contact tech support, or I can suggest some tests that are more definitive but they are a bit time consuming.

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