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RE: XPS 9550: Latest Thunderbolt firmware upgrade destroys HDMI port

I just bought a TB16 for my 9550, and am going through the initial driver-update process. The first one I did was to update the Thunderbolt driver to yesterday's The .exe ran, and came back with "Thunderbolt Firmware Update failed" dialog. The dock is NOT connected, I am just preparing the system to set myself up for success here. I'm not sure whether the FW update actually applied or not bc of the error.

After the update, I went into Win10 System Information, Software Environment, System Drivers, and see that "Thunderbolt Controller" Status is "Started" "Manual" "Running" "Degraded".

What would you recommend I do at this point? How do I check if the TB update really did not apply? Should I get the penultimate release and install that, then proceed with updating all the other drivers per the user manual? I intend to us the dock with a DELL U2718Q @ 4k60 (which should work with either DP or HDMI), 1g ethernet, and audio usb interface.

I already have latest BIOS 1.5.1. I'm running Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.16299.

I saw the linked support page for the 9550, but am confused as to how to grokk it - i assumed it's point was to convey the "recommended configuration" however for each sw package/driver/component, there are several "recommended" items. What gives? 

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