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Need advise on upgrading HD+ (1600 x 900) of Latitude 5470 to FHD IPS screen


The LG "053X2G LP140WF3 SP D2" 14" is the only matte IPS screen currently available in my area. It should work in my laptop but before I buy it, I need clarity on the following things:

1. I read in some amazon laptop screen listings that you need 2-way video cable for an FHD screen. I am aware of 30 pin connector but should I be worried about this so called 2-way video cable.

2. Is the process of changing the screen in latitude series simple like for example it is on an HP Probook or is it complex? If it is a little bit complex than I would rather do it myself rather than letting the screen seller do it.

3. What other factors should I watch out for when upgrading a laptop screen on latitude 5470?

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