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Re: Linksys speed question

802.11b/g routers and wireless cards are cheap today there's no reason not to get one unless there's possible inteference issues like robcarbonell said. I run a Linksys 802.11b router at home with my Inspiron 8500's onboard Truemobile 1300 b/g and they work brilliantly (quite the opposite to the horrific connectivity problems that many on this board have with this combination). While I have another laptop that's wired to the router (FTP and wireless Print Server) I don't actually move any files between the two computers when I am at home, I've setup the FTP server as a remote storage for me to do backup/retrieval when I'm travelling abroad. When I do need to copy (large) files across the network I would simply plug in to the router and do them at 100 Mbps! Sure beats 802.11b's 54mbps.
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