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New DSL modem installed

Yesterday I installed a new DSL modem (BEC7300GT).  Now I find that one computer logs on to the internet while the other one (Dimension 8400 Windows XP) won't.  It's like The computer is not hooked to the modem.  It is not wireless, it is connected through the DSL cables, not a USB.

I contacted my ISP and they had me run a DNS Cache Flush because I was getting that error when I went to control panel/network options/internet connection and ran "repair".

They had me go to the  cmd screen and try to flush but I get the error message "Could not flush the DNS Resolver Cache".  My ISP said this is a computer problem and so I contacted Dell but all he would tell be is that I needed the correct driver for this new modem.  When I tried to explain that the modem was not a part of the computer but simply connected via a cable he wasn't interested.

So, I called the ISP back and they told me no driver is necessary and it was a computer problem.

Can anyone give me some guidance here?  Between the language problem and the Dell Tech not knowing what to do I'm at a loss.  Is there some way to correct this "DNS flush" as my ISP tells me that is the problem.

Thanks, Gary:emotion-7:

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