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Re: New DSL modem installed

Thanks for your reply.  Both computers are connected via the built-in router in the modem.  And both are connected via DSL cable rather than USB.  The funny thing is that my old setup (Starsmart Modem and D-Link Router) worked just fine for both computers.  I replaced them due to a problem in the modem which slowed my connection down significantly.

Anyhow - after  working with Dell some more they determined that I couldn't flush the cache and that was the problem.  I ended up re-formatting and loading the OS and that fixed the problem.

I still don't understand why it worked fine with the other router and why this software problem showed up but I guess it's magic.  They couldn't explain it to me either (India Techs) so I guess I'll just be in the dark.

anyhow, it's working now.