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Dell 5530 WWAN card periodically dropping connection and causing Dell ControlPoint to not respond

Hello. My issue is with a new 1537 Studio with an internal 5530 WWAN card. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium, with all latest updates installed. I have WLAN and Bluetooth minicards installed as well, but this issue only relates to the WWAN card (as far as I am aware).


The Issue


- Periodically (it has been as little as 5 minutes and as long as 4-5 hours after connecting), Windows recognises the WWAN connection as having "limited or no connectivity"


- Even after this happens, Dell ControlPoint shows the status as being "Connected". The "Disconnect" button is enabled, but clicking it does nothing: it's as if the click event is ignored completely.


- Disabling the WWAN card through ControlPoint is not possible either, the check box, after "unticking", becomes ticked again.


- I can disable the network adapter through Windows->Network and Sharing Centre->Manage Network Connections, but ControlPoint's status still doesn't change and I still can't access the Internet


- The only way I have found to get ControlPoint/the minicard into a state in which I can reconnect to the Internet is by either restarting the system or putting it into hibernation, then bringing it out. After doing either of these things, ControlPoint will correctly register that there is no connection and will proceed to connect. I will have Internet access until the problem repeats itself.


What Dell Have Done So Far


- I have spent a long time talking to Dell technical support.


- After initial troubleshooting, Dell got me to completely reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows, along with all the bundled software as it was when I received the laptop. This did not fix the problem.


- They then proceeded to replace my WWAN minicard. This did not fix the problem.


I suspect this is either a very rare hardware defect (eg faulty capacitors on the motherboard) or a software bug that has yet to be addressed. The last technical guy I spoke to seemed to think it might be latter, though I am as yet undecided. What I am sure of is that it is a highly disruptive and irritating problem, and no-one has offered any real insight into it. It's almost as if it's unprecedented, which makes me think it might be a one-off defect.


In any case, I would really appreciate any suggestions. Particularly, if someone has any idea how to use something other than ControlPoint to connect using my WWAN card, I would be willing to try it as it does seem that Dell's connectivity software is pretty atrocious.


If anyone would like any more information, please ask.


Thanks in advance,

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