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Switching from Desktop to Laptop via docking station

Which Function key would allow me to switchmy monitor  from a desktop computer to my laptop connected via a docking station without shutting one off before switching to the other.  BThe monitor is connected to both by a splitter cable (can't remember the actual name).  Also, how can I connect my printer to both computers?  Does this require the same type of splitter cable (please specify name).  Thanks. 

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Re: Switching from Desktop to Laptop via docking station


The two port GCS932U Mini View Micro USB DVI + Audio, KVM switch from IOGEAR represents a
simple method for sharing one DVI monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Speaker set and Microphone between
two computers.  The GCS932U employs two switching methods

Manufacturer Part# : GCS932U
Dell Part# : A1295675

The IOGEAR 2-Port Compact USB VGA KVM allows users to share a VGA monitor, USB mouse,
and USB keyboard between two computers. It supports multiple operating systems including
Windows, Sun, and Mac. Users can switch between computers using a manual switch located
on the top of the KVM unit.

Manufacturer Part# : GCS42UW6
Dell Part# : A1716681


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Re: Switching from Desktop to Laptop via docking station

Thanks..  how do I switch between computers with both computers operating?  I believe pressing either a Function key or some otehr key on the keyboard allows one to switch back and forth...  do you know the proper command? Lastly can another KVM or like switch also be employed to share the printer?  

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