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Ethernet Network Interface Card problem HELP!

I have a Dimension E520, bought end of '06. It came with a dial-up modem as well as the NIC (Intel 82562V 10/100). I initially used dial-up, until about Summer '07 when I got hooked up with a DSL. Right away I had problems with the NIC, so I was hooked up via the USB port, not Ethernet. BTW, the computer says a Local Area Connection has limited or no connectivity, and that a network cable is unplugged.  This past February, I got hooked up thru my cable company, but I'm still unable to use the NIC, and must use the much slower USB port.

I have spoken to Dell on a few occasions about this, and I believe in March was told "The network card installed on system is working but the network connection is not,"  "It is the network connection which needs to be reset so that new connection can be established". I was then told to call my cable company and have them "get the network reconfigured. Tell them to remove all network settings they have made on system and build a new network connection."   I called my cable co, and they told me they don't build network settings, and they have nothing to do with this problem, that it's all Dell.  Within the past couple of weeks, I spoke to another guy at Dell who suggested either I get a new NIC, or, uninstall and re-install all programs on the PC, then we'd know if it's a software or hardware problem (?)... This pc is under warranty thru the end of 2010, but the Dell guy tells me only hardware is covered.  It was also suggested that I expand the RAM from 2 GB to 4, that this would help the speed. I have no clue about these things...

I'm really angry about this because I've had the problem since the beginning practically, and I know I didn't make a stink over it, but still !! So, does anyone know if Dell should be covering this problem?  AND, does anyone have any ideas about what's going on with my puter, and what should I do about it??

thanks for listening!  I too am technology-challenged...

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