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Studio 1555 cant find wirless networks.

I was playing COD4 on my 1 week old 1555. Then suddenly the internet got disconnected. So when I tried to connect again the laptop could not find any wireless networks.  I clicked on “ why windows cannot  find wireless networks” and I got this message.


But the thing is i cant find the Wirless Switch on my laptop. my other laptop had it but i cant find it on this  one.




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Mary G
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Re: Studio 1555 cant find wirless networks.

Hot key to turn wireless on/off is Function key + F2. You should also have a utility in your Programs list that controls the wireless. Look it up in Help. If you have Vista, open the Network and Sharing Center.

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RE: Studio 1555 cant find wirless networks.

Thank You for the simple fix.... I was pulling my hair out!  you never know when a 7 year old answer will make your evening more enjoyable. Ironically this answer allowed my 7 year old daughter to re-connect to roblox on her laptop.... meaning this answer was posted shortly before she was born 🙂

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