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Re: 3300 wireless printer adapter....926 aio printer.....losing connnection



All three lights indicate that the 3300 and printer are communicating with the Netgear router. How old is your Netgear (Model number) Router? My only issues with my old Netgear WGR614v6, was it came to a slow death. The other issues I had was during electrical storms and power flickers, I was unable to connect to the internet. Had to power off the Netgear and the 3300(I had them on the same power strip) for 30 seconds to get connection back. First, here is a little tweak.

Go to device manager(right click my computer, left click properties, left click hardware, left click device manager). Click on Network and then right click on your wireless adapter, left click properties, power management. Uncheck the box, allow computer to turn off this device to save power. (I also did this to the USB Root Hubs located at USB Controlers)


Now, I would recommend that you change the security on the Netgear router by following the instructions below.


Update the firmware in the Netgear router at Netgears website. If you need a link, please give the the make and model of your Netgear router.


Broadcast your SSID (You may want to change this to make connecting easier)


Use WPA-PSK(TKIP) Security(Personal)


Mixed mode b and g(n if available)


Try using channels 1, 6 or 11. (I use channel 11)


Save and exit. Power off your ISP Modem/router and the Netgear router for 30 seconds. then power on the ISP modem/router first, then theNetgear router. Restart your computer and then try to connect to your new network.


After the router is done, then follow these instructions to remove the printer from each computer.


Make sure your computer has the latest Windows Updates, especially .net framework, needed to run many applications and the latest Java.


Download and run this patch to completely remove the printer from your computer. Run the patch, a MUST on Vista machines, until it prompts you to restart your computer.


Restart your computer.


Download the proper drivers.


XP Drivers


Vista 32-bit Drivers


64-bit drivers


All other drivers


Now setup your wireless print server/printer.

3300 Utility

3300 Firmware

Attach the 3300 to your computer using the USB Cable and insert the 3300 disk. Follow the instructions. It should ask you for the network ID, type of security and password.


***To install drivers, sometimes they just open and do nothing. You have to look for the setup.exe file, right click on it, then left click run as administrator***


Install the proper drivers, choose network. you should see the printer, click add, choose I'm using a wireless print server and follow the instructions. You should be able to print, scan, copy, etc.



As for scanning, if you have the disk that came with the printer, then insert the Printer disk and stop it from running. Go to My Computer and double click on it. Look for the drive with the Dell disk in it. Right click on it, left click explore. Look for the OCR Folder. In the OCR Folder, there is an Abbyy Folder. right click on setup.exe, that's in the Abbyy Folder and left click run as administrator. This will install the OCR program.


I have a Dell Wireless Printer Adapter 3300 attached to my Dell 964 Photo AIO Printer, so if you run into a snag, please feel free to ask questions.





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