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Apple Graphite Airport base station and WPS for wireless Dell printer


I bought a Dell laptop and wireless printer (V505w) last year in order to do some freelance drafting work (AutoCAD).  I have been unable to get the laptop to network with the printer wirelessly.  

I'm running an original 1999 Apple graphite airport base station network with a couple of Apple Pismos and a G4 733 tower(yes, I'm a Mac person...). The Dell laptop, running Vista, recognized the network instantly and, after I entered the equivalent WEP key, was happily accepted.  The printer, however, is not so welcome. It sees the network but the printer's set-up software will not accept the WEP key that was so easily taken by the laptop. When I enter the WEP key - a 10-figure alphanumerical key - the software tells me that the key is no good because it (the software) adds two additional figures to the end of the key - apostrophes and whatnot that I did not type in. Not matter what I do, I can't get the software to accept the key.

The printer has WPS. I'm not sure what that means exactly, but reading around on the Internet it appears as though the Apple Graphite Airport  base station does not support that sort of WiFi setup. Perhaps that's why the software doesn't like the WEP key? Is there some way that I can manually add this printer to the network through the Airport utility and avoid the Dell software altogether? I've run across a process like this for the newer Apple airports, but not for the original Graphite models.

Any help would greatly appreciated, as I'd love to use this printer wirelessly with the laptop.  Thanks, in advance! 

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