Re: Wireless card seems slow on my XPS 14z

I want to make sure that readers on the forums understand that unlike Rick I am a Dell employee.  I am part of Dell's Social Media Outreach team, and the Dell Liaison to the notebook forums.  

I know that engineering has released several versions of drivers for the Intel 6230 cards, most of which has solved some user’s wireless issues.  I know that engineering has captured several 15Z notebooks from the field for testing and may capture some 14z notebooks as well.  This is a very complex issue because not all users are having the problems, and those of you that are having problems aren't always having the same symptoms.  I understand your frustration, and would like nothing better to have an answer for you all, I apologize for not having one at the time being.

Engineering is certainly aware of these threads, and they are certainly working hard to find answers for all of you. I will post any updates that I receive from them as soon as I have them.


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