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Wireless Network,Card DW1505

Today I received the subject card purchased on the recomendation of and from Dell.  It came with absolutely no instructions.  

  1. What driver should I download for a Windows 7 Inspiron 545 desktop?
  2. Is there any other software required?
  3. Is the connector on the card for an antenna?  If so, need recommendation for one
I am moving to a new location which has a cable modem and a Linksys router.  I cannot connect to the modem by wire and need to add wireless capability ASAP.
Any and all help appreciated!
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Re: Wireless Network,Card DW1505

Hi Jeff,

You may install the drivers for the wireless card from link: 

Steps to download driver:

  • Click on “Download File”.
  • Select “For Single File Download via Browser”.
  • Click on “Download Now”.
  • Save the driver on your desktop.
  • Once the driver is downloaded on the desktop, right click on it and select “Run as administrator”.
  • Follow the prompts on screen and restart your computer.

Drivers would be sufficient for this wireless card. For installation of wireless card, you may refer to the service manual of computer from link:

Please ensure to follow the safety instructions mentioned in manual and share the findings. 

Thanks and regards,
DELL-Chinmay S
To know more about Dell’s products, services and drivers & downloads, please go here

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