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Wireless Mouse Problems

We have a Dell Optiplex 3020 with Windows 7 Professional. The wireless mouse stopped working this past week. It is a Logitech unit which also came with a wireless keyboard. The keyboard works fine. We replaced the batteries with no change. I tried two other wireless mice, one from my laptop and a brand new one. Neither one works although it appears by accident that a right click on one the the mice brought up the right click menu. A wired USB mouse works fine. 

I updated the chipset and USB 3.0 drivers. This did not resolve the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions or a solution to this problem. Maybe you have seen this issue before.

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RE: Wireless Mouse Problems

I'm not familiar with your Optiplex 3020 but i believe you can get them with the Dell (Logitech) KM714 wireless keyboard and mouse. This keyboard/mouse combo uses a unified usb dongle that you plug into a vacant USB port and basically leave it attached.

As it's normally plug and forget, sometimes it's a good idea to remove and reinsert the dongle a few times every half year or so (when the system is powered down) as this cleans the contact area within the USB connector.

Then power up the system and you should be able to use the Dell Unifying software (by Logitech) that Dell should have provided with your purchase, if not follow the above link. This software should allow you to re-pair the mouse to your dongle.

I'm not sure if the virgin Logitech Unifying Software can also handle the Dell keyboard+mouse variants but i'd try logitech's original software as it may allow you to buy and pair a replacement mouse and not be tied to buying only Dell acccessories.

Don't discount the fact that the mouse may have actually died (or the battery is dead)...

(On older dongles, there was a little button on the dongle itself and another on the mouse that allowed you to redefine the connection but with these very small unifying dongles i think using software is the only way to pair them.)

With a unifying receiver, follow these instructions by logitech to pair your devices.

Otherwise your on your own as i don't have any unified wireless keyboard/mouse.

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