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5521 No wireless network available

My Dell 15R-5521 lap top was working fine for the past year and a half. I went to use it today and all of a sudden I can't access my wireless internet. The only way to acquire internet is through the Ethernet port. In the network drivers, only the Realtek Family Controller is there. Just one driver. It's almost as if something deleted all my wireless network drivers and won't let me re-download them. I've attempted to download the drivers from the dell website, but they either fail or don't show up. I am at a serious loss here. The WIFI bars that are usually in the bottom right corner of my screen are no longer there, just the Ethernet port that says "Not Connected - No connections available".The WIFI light is on, on the front of my lap top but its like it's stuck in Ethernet mode. Any recommendations or past fixes are more than appreciated. 



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