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RE: 5521 No wireless network available

I have had the exact same problem - ongoing for a year now. 

About 6 months after I got my new Inspiron 15R 5521 my Wi-Fi started to not recognize any networks, then when I called support after restarting etc., didn't work they discovered the drivers were done. 

Support re-installed my drivers on multiple occasions. Thankfully both at home and at work I can plug into the internet with an Ethernet cord as my Wi-Fi was unreliable. 

I had 3 technicians take a look at my laptop. 2 fixing/replacing the wireless card and the 3rd fixing the Ethernet port (it wasn't reading that a cord was connected) and basically replaced most of the 'guts' f my laptop. 

From Mid November 2013 to End of April 2014 I was dealing with the issue and from April 2014 until this past week everything was fine. 

Last week the drivers had vanished again. 

Any answers to why this is a continual issue with this laptop would be great! I was told the card that was initially installed in all of these laptops was faulty and once changed there would be no issue. 

Here I am 6-7 months later back with the same issue I was dealing with a year ago. 

Dell - please sort this out.

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