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I am having the same problems since upgrading to windows 10.

The wireless constantly turns off. - even while in the middle of browsing. I click on a link or open an email only to discover I am no longer connected.

I have to go into settings & turn the wireless on again. More often than not I have to re-boot to get it to work because after turning it on, the wireless won't find ANY routers at all.

I have changed the power settings, I have un-installed & re-installed the device.

I have 2 other wireless laptops running win7 and win10 neither have this problem only the Dell and this device never had a problem while running windows 7.

It has only been since the upgrade to windows 10.

Even while writing this post the wireless stopped working TWICE!!!!!!. I had to go to Network & Sharing Centre, Change Adapter settings, right click Wi-Fi, Diagnose. The first time I did this it worked, the second time it didn't and I had to reboot.

I have rebooted my laptop more times in the last month than the previous 2 years.

A new driver is needed ASAP!!!!!


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