RE: Network Controller gives a explanation mark and Question mark in Device manager

Hi ieee488,

Indeed I did follow the correct order.

Drivers for Service Tag <Admin Note: removed per privacy policy~RK>:

Shows the following categories.

- Application

- Audio


- Chipset

- Mouse, keyboard & input devices

- Network

- Serial ATA

- System Management

1. I started with the System Management;

- Systems-Management_Application_K82GG_WN32_2.1.0_A00.EXE

2.Then I started with the 3 chipset drivers;

- Intel(R) Management Engine Components Installer Driver

- ST Microelectronics Free Fall Data Protection

- Intel Chipset Driver

3. Because there is no Security category, I skipped 3, and went to 4. Intel Matrix Storage Manager.

- Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver and Management Console

This download doesn't work. Intel Rapid Storage Technology gives me the following error;

* The setup program ended permaturely because of the following error:

"This platform is not supported"

5. Audio drivers:

- IDT 92HD93 High-Definition Audio Driver (Success)

6. Video Driver -> Because this was not in the list, I went to 7. Network Interface card or ethernet drivers. There were no Network Interface Card or Ethernet drivers (Just Dell Wireless 1540 WiFi driver and a Dell Wireless Bluetooth Driver).

I skipped point 7 as well, and went to 8. Point 8 was also not on my list, so I went to point 9. Dell Quickset. There is an application category, but this shows only: "Dell Digital Delivery Application". So I skipped this one as well and went to point 10.

10. Wireless Network Drivers:

- Dell Wireless 1540/1550/1560 WiFi Driver (Network_Driver_P73MT_WN32_7.35.317.0_A02.EXE)

This goes download gives me an error: The update installer operation is unsuccessful.

!!Installation log is safed on my desktop!!

11. Bluetooth drivers:

- Dell Wireless 380/1550/1560 Bluetooth Driver. Installation successful.

Unfortunately, the problem remains. Any other tips?

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