RE: Inspiron 1545 - did not see Internet from WiFi


I tried looking at the image you linked but it's so small, and low resolution, that I could not make it out even when I enlarged the page.   What wireless network card do you have in the system?  

According to your message it sounds like wireless is turned off in your system, either through Windows 7 or in the BIOS.   Here is a quick explanation on how to turn on (Enable) wireless in Windows 7.  Here is a link to the online setup guide for the Inspiron 1545.   Page 9 of that pdf explains how to Enable / Disable wireless.  Try it and see if that works as well.  

To better help me troubleshoot this issue please right click on my Dell Todd username and send me a private message with the Dell Service Tag of your Inspiron 1545 system.  Please keep all troubleshooting discussions here on this public thread so that others can see what is discussed.  

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