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Inspiron 5748 Bluetooth and Wirless shoddy after windows update

Hey Gang!  I've been having an absolutely awful go of it lately with my laptop.  It's been remarkably frustrating and stressful and any help anyone can throw my way is tremendously appreciated.  I know just enough to be dangerous about computers, but am by no means an expert on anything.  So, I will provide as many details as I can below, even though many may not at all be relevant.

Symptoms: Wifi connection goes to sh*t anytime I'm not within about 15 feet of the router.  Bluetooth connects on computer's end, but not the other device.

Events Leading Up to Symptoms: I bought this laptop with Windows 8 installed.  In ~November, I upgraded.  A whole host of issues followed including the two symptoms that are listed above as well as problems with closing of the lid and sleep type issues.  Ultimately, the update led to me needing a new motherboard being installed on Dell's dime.  The new motherboard was installed around New Years, and while I'm not 100% certain, I believe many of the symptoms returned after the new install and it took a few google searches and tinkering with drivers to iron everything out.  Early this year, everything got back to normal with my machines functionality and Windows 10 as the os.  Fast forward to about 2 months ago.

2 months ago, a Windows update caused the pc to get stuck in a loop of:

Download and run update-->reset pc-->update fail to install-->Download and run update-->.....

that caused my pc to reboot a bunch of times until I switched the settings and subsequently contacted Microsoft Tech Support Chat.  The rep had me reinstall windows 10 from Microsoft's site.  This fixed the update loop issue, but as a result, many of the problems that I had when I upgraded returned.  I have gotten most of them ironed out as a result of many chats with Microsoft people (and even one with Apple).  But nevertheless, these two issues remain despite Microsoft techs telling me otherwise. 

Specifics of the Symptoms: The wifi won't work beyond a bar or two outside of about a 20 foot radius in the basement (where the router is located.)  My mom has a pc that is upstairs in the office, that gets fully bars, while mine only has one or two next to it.  Further, before the update loop, I never had any issues getting 4 bars in the same office.

The bluetooth connects on the pc's end.  I have three devices that I have tried to connect to my machine, none have worked.  The device that can give the most feedback into the issue is my phone.  Whenever I try to connect to my iphone, I get a popup on my pc that has a connecting code on it, and on my iphone I get a message that states: "Bluetooth Pairing Request.  'PC' would like to pair with your iPhone.  Confirm that the code 123456 is shown on 'PC'" I press pair and connect on each machine respectively.  From there, the pc accepts the connection, but I get a message on my phone that says: "Connectioon Unsuccessful.  'PC' is not supported." and then my only option is to press the button that says "Forget Device".  The iPhone will connect to my mom's pc.  I have two other devices that don't give me the level of feedback that the phone do (a bluetooth portable speaker, and a softphone headset.)  The speaker connects to my phone via bluetooth just fine.  It connects to my pc and can run sound via an audio cable.  The speaker connects via bluetooth just fine to my mom's pc.  The headset works just fine with the pc when connected via a wireless USB.  Basically, all the pieces have been diagnosed and confirmed and re-confirmed, and the missing link is on this particular pc's bluetooth connection.  

I have a good premonition that it's a driver issue, but I can't be sure.  I've installed, reinstalled, and uninstalled countless drivers and spent close to 40 hours trying to fix this issue.  I'm waving the white flag.  Any help that anyone can give would be so appreciated.


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