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XPS 15 9560 USB-C port not working for Ethernet

I received my new XPS 15 earlier this week and am trying to get the USB-C port to work with Ethernet. At first using the TB16 I could not get video or Ethernet to work. I went through all the suggestions I could find and as a result I have updated my bios and my drivers (all downloaded using WIFI). The video through the TB16 is now working, but with either the TB16 or the DA200 adapter the Ethernet does not work properly. It says it is connected but response on my network is deadly slow and I can't connect to the internet at all. It is the same for both devices. It won't finish booting if I have it connected on a reboot/power up. Not being able to connect to the internet makes it difficult to use Support Assist.

One thing I have noticed (which may be the way it is intended) is that in the device manager if I don't have anything connected I don't see the device listed. Once I plug something in it shows up.

I really need some help with this!

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