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RE: upgrade wireless card intel 3965 on dell latitude d630

Although most likely not tested by Dell, nevertheless the Intel 7260AC WIFI part works very well with the D630.

** What works:

- the WLAN adapter up to 866MB/s

I use Ubuntu 16.04 amd64 and it worked out of the box and it is so much faster!

Despite reported elsewhere, the card doesn't have issues with standby or be put or taken from the docking station. Actually, it works much better than the stock WM3945ABG card with which I had regular issues after standby.

If you have issues with Windows, you can find users reporting that you should use older drivers.

** What does not work:

- the bluetooth 4.0 adapter. It is not recognized. Putting the WLAN card in another (newer) laptop, the bluetooth device on the adapter shows up. This post ( suggests that the bluetooth radio is accessible via USB or serial. It seems the pci-e slot of the Dell D630 does not have USB and/or serial  functionality.

I ended up using the original 2.1 USB bluetooth radio.

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