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Re: Beware of SmartByte

Yeah, Smartbyte creates fatal issues that are not intuitive to fix.  Malfunctions that don't make any sense, the worst kind!

I was having issues with FileZilla, the FTP client.  I could do everything (read, modify, create files on the server), but I couldn't upload files to the server.  I tried so many things, but nothing made sense.  Using a VPN resolved the issue, but again, this made no sense until I realized what was causing the problem!  So I went through all the software on my PC.  Found this thing called Smartbyte and discovered it was capable of tweaking my bandwidth.  I uninstalled it, and my issue was resolved.  I guess the reason everything worked using a VPN was because all my data was encrypted, and Smartbyte couldn't identify the type of traffic, and therefore didn't mess with it.

I also had issues with online speed test services (Ookla).  The download test was fine, but the upload test stuck at zero, and Ookla gave me an error, something about possible firewall issues.  Worked fine using a VPN, just like with the FTP issue.  This was also fixed when I uninstalled Smartbyte.

Smartbyte is not smart.  Uninstall it.

And Dell, please look into discontinuing it on your systems.