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Dell G7 7588 slow Wifi speed when Bluetooth is connected


I'm getting really slow WIFI speeds (sometimes) when my headphone is connected through bluetooth on my Dell G7 7588.

I'm on Windows 10 and have all the drivers up-to-date using the Dell Update app that came pre-installed. Also note that this is a brand new notebook that I recently acquired. I also dual-booted on Ubuntu Linux and there the problem seems even worse. I can't even launch any site while my headphones are on and there's some crackling noise coming out of them.

After browsing this forum I tried a few things, like uninstalling the Smartbyte app and using channel 6 on my WIFI. Neither of those solved the problem.

From Device Manager I have a Qualcomm QCA61xx4A Wireless Adapter. Could this be that this is just some cheap part that is unable to provide good signal for WIFI and Bluetooth at the same time? Could this be a driver issue? Any help in solving this issue is appreciated Smiley Happy


Thank you o/

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