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wireless problems associated with d-link routers - possible solution

hi all,
the biggest dissapointment with my new e1705 right after receiving it was the unreliability of the wireless connection - it would work fine for some tens of seconds and idle right after for like a minute, and then go online again. after reading some forums, i discovered a lot of other people complaining about the dell 1390 mini-card, but there is a fix that worked for me and maybe it will work for some of you. make sure you have the most recent firmware on your d-link router, it surely fixed my connectivity problem (i was one version behind). maybe it's the same with other brand routers. i guess many of us have had their router for a while and the mini-card technology has not been on the market for too long. recent firmware updates must've showed up to cover for some incompatibility issues with the various mini-cards out there.
hope it helps.
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