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Re: InspIron 5680 drive configuration

I told you, BIOS is set to RAID for Optane support. It serves as a cache for Windows and holds files that the OS may need quickly. Optane relies on the RAID controller to manage what's stored and retrieved from Optane memory.

Have you read this Intel doc?

Secondary/Data SATA Drive Acceleration with Intel Optane Memory, quote:

"...Intel Optane memory-enabled motherboard with the Intel RST Pre-OS UEFI Driver version 16.x or later. Consult your motherboard vendor for the proper system BIOS version for this support.

So unless Dell issues a BIOS update to handle this or somebody has already gotten the current BIOS to work with Optane and a secondary HDD in this exact PC model, you may be outta luck...

Dell Support is there to help fix PC problems, mostly under warranty. They're not there to answer "Can I do this?" or "Will this aftermarket upgrade work?" That's not their function.

Dell motherboards are custom designed for Dell. So I don't know what "specifics" you expect from Tech Support. It has a Dell part number and is made exclusively for Dell by some contract manufacturer. It's not some off-the-shelf board they stuffed into a Dell case...



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